Peer-to-Peer Success

Running a peer-to-peer campaign this Giving Tuesday can bring new people and more donations to your mission!





Giving Tuesday
Giving Tuesday

Peer-to-Peer Success

Running a peer-to-peer campaign this Giving Tuesday can bring new people and more donations to your mission!





Running a peer-to-peer campaign this Giving Tuesday can bring new people and more donations to your mission!





It's not about who you know. It's about who your supporters know. Peer-to-peer (or P2P) fundraising empowers your supporters to become fundraisers on your behalf. Empowering your supporters with the best peer-to-peer fundraising tools will allow them to 1) share why supporting your cause is important to them and 2) ask their friends, family, and colleagues to join them in supporting your cause. The power of friends asking friends is much more effective than only your staff going out to find new supporters on their own.

Many organizations and businesses launch crowdfunding campaigns for Giving Tuesday where supporters are asked to donate individually to a campaign. However, launching a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign asks supporters to go a step further by fundraising on behalf of your mission. There are many benefits to choosing to run a peer-to-peer fundraiser, including:

Bringing new donors to your cause
Fun fact: Each P2P fundraiser brings an average of 4 new donors to an organization.

Gaining additional promotion
You can only share your campaign so many times, but your supporters will continue to amplify it by sharing on social media, emailing, and texting their social networks.

Making your fundraiser community-oriented
When you achieve your goal this Giving Tuesday, your fundraisers will feel like they were part of the movement— because they were!

🎨 Add your brand to your page

The more work you put into making your fundraising page on Givebutter look nice, the more people will be inspired by your fundraiser. Aesthetics make a big difference to donors, especially on a day like Giving Tuesday when they might be choosing between various causes to give to. Make sure to add these crucial elements to your page:

→ Create a custom URL
→ Add a cover photo (the recommended cover photo size is 1200px by 650px) or a video
→ Use your colors and logo
→ Encourage your fundraisers to personalize their pages, too!

<div class='rich-text-tip'>Did you know? Givebutter is donating $5,000 to the eight most creative 2021 Giving Tuesday campaigns. You can learn more and submit your campaign on our Giving Tuesday landing page.</div>

💎 Make it crystal clear what your donors’ gifts are supporting

All of us want to feel like we’re making an impact when we’re volunteering, donating, or supporting a cause. When asking your community to join your Giving Tuesday campaign, it is not the time to be vague. Donors look for transparency, so really break down what your organization will do with the money raised:

Share what a specific amount will provide: “Your donation of $25 will provide a week’s worth of free lunches for one child”
Share what your organization will do with the total amount you raise on Giving Tuesday: “Raising $100k will provide 20,000 free lunches for children in our community”

On your Givebutter page, use our key features to share the impact of your campaign:

Share your mission in your page’s Story section: Engage potential supporters with details about your cause using compelling written text, images, and videos.
Add custom donation amountsSet suggested donation amounts and give each a meaningful label.
Upload a video that explains your mission: Embed videos about your cause or campaign to your Story section or in place of your cover photo

📹 Include a video on your page

Not only is video storytelling the main avenue people receive information, but it also inspires giving—more than 50% of people who watch nonprofit videos will donate to that organization.

There are many types of videos you can create without a video production team or fancy software. As long as you have people from your mission featured and a clear call to action, you are good to go! Givebutter integrates with YouTube, Vimeo, and more so you can easily share why you're passionate about your cause in a video right on your page—and so can your campaign's team members!

⭐ Make sure to check out our page on Video & LiveStreaming for your Giving Tuesday campaign!

<div class='rich-text-tip'>PRO TIP: Encourage your fundraisers to share a video on their personal fundraising page. Campaign pages with personal videos raise 15% more than those that don’t have videos.</div>

📣 Keep supporters engaged and updated throughout the campaign

Sharing updates and interacting with your supporters throughout your campaign builds momentum that is crucial for success. Then when you hit your goal, you’ll want to share the good news far and wide! Luckily, Givebutter offers lots of ways to easily update and engage with your campaign supporters:

Interactive supporter feed

Donor Messages: Allow donors to leave a public message of support on your supporter feed using GIFS, drawings, and images. You can even pin your favorite messages to the top of your feed!
Likes and comments: Spread the love and engage with your donors by liking and commenting on their public donor messages. Other campaign supporters can do the same!
Milestones: Celebrate progress towards your goal with automatic milestone-reached messages in your supporter feed.

Direct messaging

Emails: Message your supporters with personalized messages sent via email using Engage. This feature includes an integration with Canva, WYSIWYG editing, branded emails, and domain linking for all of your campaign email blasts!
Text: Connect directly with your supporters on their smartphones using Engage. You can send outbound text messages, and so can your peer-to-peer fundraisers!
Fundraising bar: By making your fundraising page public along with your fundraising goal, supporters will be able to see the status of the fundraiser each second of the day. Without showing your campaign’s progress or goal, your community members may feel in the dark, making them less inclined to get involved.

<div class='rich-text-tip'>PRO TIP: When you receive a large gift via check, cash, or through a matching gift, remember to add an offline donation so that it will bump your fundraising bar up and excite your supporters!</div>

🔄 Include recurring donations  

Giving Tuesday is a great opportunity to encourage people to join your monthly giving program. Givebutter allows campaign supporters the option to make their gift a recurring donation on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis with the click of a button.

And the numbers don’t lie—check out the significant impact of recurring donations:

  • 45% of worldwide donors are enrolled in a monthly giving program
  • The average recurring donor will give 42% more in one year than those who give one-time gifts
  • 52% of Millennials are interested in monthly giving over a large one-time donation
  • The retention rate of monthly donors is over 80% compared to new donor retention rates, which average less than 23%

When someone signs up for a recurring donation, they’re communicating that they want a long-lasting relationship with your organization or cause. These are the people most likely to open your emails, volunteer, encourage their networks to donate, and come to your events. Make sure to think through ways your organization can make them feel special for joining your community!

🏅Encourage friendly competition with team fundraising

The benefit of running a peer-to-peer campaign is that your community will help play a role in its success. This structure results in multiple people essentially becoming ambassadors of your mission simultaneously, asking people you may not have reached on your own to join your cause!

When setting up your page, you can enable team fundraising and utilize Givebutter’s Leaderboard feature. Fostering friendly competition amongst team members is often one of the most important elements of successful fundraising campaigns.

Then, when your community members create their own fundraising page as part of your campaign, they can choose between raising funds as an individual or a team and have donations attributed to their page.

💳 Let your donors know their payment options

People make a lot of conscious and unconscious decisions before making a donation. Givebutter is committed to making the donation process as quick and painless as possible in order to get your cause the funds it needs fast all while improving donor retention.

Multiple payment methods are accepted on Givebutter via mobile or desktop, appeasing people of any payment preferences:

→ Mobile giving: The number of transactions completed through mobile devices increased by 50% last year while the number of donations completed through desktop browsers decreased by 10%. Supporters can donate through Givebutter on their mobile devices—sometimes even within a few clicks if they’re already set up with Venmo, PayPal, Apple Pay, or Google Pay.

→ Venmo and PayPal: Givebutter is one of the only fundraising platforms that allows supporters to donate through Venmo.

→ Apple Pay and Google Pay: Digital wallets such as Apple Pay and Google Pay are more popular than ever, and now you can fully integrate them across all your fundraising efforts. Donors will be able to give in seconds since we can pull information such as name, email, address, and phone right from their digital wallet.

→ Check and cash: Donors can support your campaign via check or handing you cash in person. You have the option to turn these features on. If someone sends you a check or hands you cash, you can add an offline donation to your fundraising bar to show their contribution!

→ Scan to donate: Share automatically generated QR codes in your social media posts, emails, or at in-person events. Supporters can scan the code to donate in seconds with any smartphone camera.

→ ACH: Enable your donors to transfer funds directly from their bank account at a reduced processing fee.

→ Credit cards: Keep it old school by accepting all major credit cards.

The cherry on top? Donors have the option to cover payment processing fees so more of the dollars you raise go towards your mission—and over 95% of donors do!

📅  Don’t cut the fun short—end your campaign after Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday falls on November 30th this year, which makes it the perfect launching pad to kick off your year-end campaign. Here at Givebutter, we see a significant amount of donations come through even after Giving Tuesday, so it’s in your best interest to keep your campaign open after the 30th and let people continue to submit their donations!

✊ We’re on a mission to empower the changemaker in all of us

And that's why we’re providing you with all the tools and resources you need to raise more, give better, and unleash generosity this Giving Tuesday. We can’t wait to see how you rally support for your good cause on November 30th and beyond!

‍Ready to make your Giving Tuesday campaign butter than ever this year? Create your free account on Givebutter today! Verified nonprofits could receive a special Giving Tuesday donation right from Givebutter!

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