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11 high school football fundraising ideas for a touchdown season

Go beyond the tailgate party and raise money for your youth football team with fun and effective football fundraiser ideas.

Kylie Davis
July 26, 2022
June 3, 2022
Nerd Mr Butter

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Table of contents


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For many families, back-to-school season means one thing: football. Nothing brings a community together quite like hometown pride in their football team. But even for well-funded schools, the cost of equipment, coaching salaries, transportation, and other expenses adds up quickly, and most teams need to rally their community for financial support to get through the season.

We've assembled a list of fun and cost-effective ideas to help your team reach your fundraising goals and ensure that everyone has the chance to play.

11 football fundraising ideas to help your team dominate this season

For high school and even middle school football teams, planning a fundraising campaign that gets your entire community involved can help you cover those individual and team expenses. Before you send the whole squad out, you may want to create a simple fundraising page that tells the story of your team and gives supporters the opportunity to donate however works best for them. Then decide on which of these fun ideas you'll use to incentivize generous giving.

1. Sell VIP cushioned seats 🛋

Sitting on cold, hard bleachers for hours can be uncomfortable. Why not encourage your adoring fans to donate to your campaign by creating a VIP stadium experience! Offer front-row, cushioned seats (and maybe some special team swag) at your next home game for donors who give at a certain level. You can offer this perk in a user-friendly donation form, or even make it an event with a special ticket type.

2. Sponsor a touchdown 🏈

Want to rally local businesses to support your team? Ask owners of local restaurants, stores, or auto shops to purchase a “touchdown sponsorship,” in which their signage or logo is prominently featured each time your team gets to the end zone. Here’s how it works: When your team scores a touchdown, invite your cheerleading squad or student volunteers to rush behind the goal posts, displaying your sponsor’s signage for all to see during this moment of celebration.

3. Sell autographed jerseys ✍

The NFL sells autographed jerseys, so why can’t you? Rather than a simple t-shirt sale, consider selling adult-sized jerseys to your fan base. For a top-dollar item, ask your players to autograph their names on the jerseys. (Pro tip: if you're considering a silent auction fundraiser, this kind of personalized item can bring in a lot of bids!)

4. Offer valet parking 🏁

Here's a different spin on the VIP experience. Offer valet parking to raise funds from fans who'd appreciate the convenience of getting dropped off right at the entrance to the game. Attendees can opt to donate on the spot for this special service, or you can promote it as a perk for donations made ahead of time. Just make sure your volunteer valets have their driver's licenses.

5. Host a pre-game tailgate 🌭

Friday night football games can be the biggest event in town—and a great opportunity to fundraise. Invite a local restaurant to contribute or have a team of volunteers create a menu for a tailgate (think hot dogs and burgers, a vegetarian option, baked beans, chips, potato salad, or other local favorites), and sell tickets for a set dollar amount per plate. Fans can gather together for a pre-game meal, then head to their seats to cheer on your team.

6. Throw a flag football tournament 🏆

Give parents, friends, and community members the opportunity to express their love of the game through a flag football tournament. Your team's players can serve as coaches and referees, while the fans take the field. To make it a fundraiser, ask for teams to make a donation in order to play, sell tickets for your community to cheer on their families, and have student volunteers sell popcorn and soda to make the event feel like a “real” football game. You can even take it a step further and encourage teams to raise funds on your behalf, bringing that competitive spirit into the fundraising effort!

7. Host a combine 🏃

Each year, NFL hosts a combine so potential players can show off their athleticism. You can put your own unique spin on this classic event to raise money for your youth football team. Invite fans to partake in a series of events such as a football toss, 50-yard dash, tire agility drill, or an obstacle course. Offer raffle prizes to overall winners, individual event winners, or winners within each age group.

8. Host a field goal derby 🦶

A field goal derby at halftime is an easy fundraising idea that's fun for the whole family. Just like the MLB hosts a home run derby each season, you can invite fans to make a donation to see how many field goals they can make out of five attempts. To make this game-day event suitable for all, consider bringing in smaller, kid-sized goal posts so the younger fans have a fair shot.

9. Give your coach a dare 👏👏

Here’s a fun, light-hearted youth sports fundraiser that’s easy to implement: dare your coach to shave their head, take a polar bear plunge, or wear their most despised NFL team’s jersey for a full week. The catch: They only have to complete the dare if your team reaches your fundraising goal by the season's end. Spread the word about your dare (and your fundraising page) far and wide, and the donations will come rolling in.

10. Lend a helping hand 🏡

Give your fans a chance to contribute to your campaign and have some helping hands for their household chores or yard work. It's a win-win. Host a fundraising event in which donors can "purchase" 2-5 hours of extra help from your student athletes with raking leaves, repainting the garage, mowing the lawn, cleaning rain gutters, and running a car wash. Add babysitting to the list and watch the donations pour in.

11. Host a costume or face painting contest 🎭

Want to dial up the hometown pride while raising funds for your team? For as little as an extra dollar per ticket, invite students, parents, family members, and other adoring fans who paint their faces or come dressed up in team colors to enter this weekly costume contest. The most decked-out fan each week wins a special prize (think donated gift cards to local restaurants or free entry to the next game). Post winners' photos on social media to encourage more people to join in each time! 

Let Givebutter take your football fundraiser to the next level

Givebutter has all the tools you need to pull off a successful football fundraising campaign—all completely free to use. On our all-in-one fundraising platform, you can sell unlimited ticket types, accept virtually any payment option, create your own fundraising page, and thank your donors with personalized emails, texts, and video messages. And soon, you’ll even be able to host an online silent auction. With 160+ free features and an award-winning customer support team, Givebutter will help you reach your goals and make sure you have a lot of fun along the way.

Ready to see how Givebutter can help you hit your team's fundraising goal and support your student athletes? Sign up for your free account to get started today! 

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