11 football fundraising ideas for a touchdown season

We love these football fundraising ideas for teams who need some extra cash to get through the season—most of them are completely free.





Fundraising Ideas
Fundraising Ideas

11 football fundraising ideas for a touchdown season

We love these football fundraising ideas for teams who need some extra cash to get through the season—most of them are completely free.





We love these football fundraising ideas for teams who need some extra cash to get through the season—most of them are completely free.





Kylie Davis
June 3, 2022
June 14, 2022

For middle and high school students, September signifies many things: fall weather, back-to-school festivities, and football season.

High school football can help bring your community together as everyone celebrates their hometown pride. That being said, football teams—well, all high school sports teams, for that matter—come with a lot of costs. And sometimes, school districts don’t have enough allocated in their budget to get through the season.

Bus transportation, coaching salaries, equipment, fuel costs, and other costs can wrack up tens of thousands of dollars in expenses.

In addition, football cleats, uniforms, and transportation to and from practice places a hefty financial burden on athletes and their families. In fact, research shows that parents in the United States spend an average of $671 per child on participating in school sports annually.

Fortunately, hosting a football fundraising campaign can help offset these costs so team members can continue participating in the sports they love. Below, we offer several football fundraising ideas middle and high school teams can do to help shoulder the upfront costs of the season.

11 football fundraising ideas for a touchdown campaign

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Want to set your football players up for success this season? Consider implementing one of these school fundraising ideas to help support your hometown team:

1. Sell VIP cushioned seats 🛋

Many times, a large percentage of your adoring fans are family members of the players. If parents, grandparents, or aunts and uncles are sitting in the crowd, they might not be comfortable sitting on a cold, hard bleacher seat for hours on end. For an extra $1 per ticket, allow fans to purchase cushioned front row seats, allowing them to have a much more pleasant experience. (P.S. Be sure to use Givebutter’s unlimited ticket types to sell these VIP tickets!)

2. Sponsor a touchdown 🏈

Want to rally local businesses to support your team? Ask owners of local restaurants, cafes, or auto shops to purchase a “touchdown sponsorship,” where their signage or logo each time your players get into the end zone. Here’s how it works: When your team makes a touchdown, invite your cheerleading squad or student volunteers to rush behind the goal posts, displaying the sponsor’s signage for all to see.

3. Sell autographed jerseys ✍

The NFL sells autographed jerseys, so why can’t you? Rather than a simple T-shirt sale, consider selling adult-sized jerseys to your fan base. For a top-dollar item, ask your players to autograph their names on the jerseys. (Pro tip: Silent auctions are coming soon to Givebutter, and autographed team jerseys would certainly capture a high bid.)

4. Offer valet parking 🏁

Again, many die-hard high school sports fans tend to be the family members of the players. To ensure these loyal cheerleaders have the best evening possible, consider offering valet parking. Ask students or teachers to park cars in a nearby lot, allowing older fans to get dropped off right next to their seats.

5. Host a pre-game tailgate 🌭

Friday night football games can often be the highlight of the town. Why not allow community members to gather together, and make a full evening of it? Invite a local restaurant or caterer to create a menu for the tailgate (think hot dogs and burgers, a vegetarian option, baked beans, chips, potato salad, or other favorites), and sell for a set dollar amount per plate. Fans can gather together for a pre-game meal, then adjourn to their seats to cheer on your sports team.

6. Throw an annual flag football tournament 🏆

Allow parents, students, friends, and other family members to express their love of the game through a flag football tournament. Players of your high school football team can serve as coaches and referees, while the fans take the field. This annual event can raise funds through three ways: First, each team pays an entry fee to play; second, members of your community purchase tickets to watch; and three, students can sell gourmet popcorn, soft drinks, and other snacks to make the event feel like a “real” football game.

7. Host a combine 🏃

Each year, the NFL hosts a combine so potential players can show off their athleticism. You can put your own, unique spin on this classic event to raise money for your youth football team. Invite fans to partake in a series of events such as a football toss, 50-yard dash, tire agility drills, or obstacle course. Offer raffle prizes to overall winners, individual event winners, or winners within each age group.

8. Hit your fundraising goal with a field goal derby 🦶

Want an easy fundraising idea that’s fun for the whole family? Host a field goal derby at halftime! Just like the MLB hosts a home run derby each season, you can invite fans to pay a fee to see how many field goals they can make out of five attempts. To make this game day event suitable for all, consider bringing in smaller, kid-sized goal posts so the younger fans have a fair shot.

9. Give your coach a dare 👏👏

Here’s a fun, light-hearted youth sports fundraiser that’s easy to implement: Dare your coach. At the beginning of the season, set a fundraising goal and make it public to your community (pro tip: post an optional goal on your Givebutter donation page). Then, dare your coach to complete an action if you hit your goal by season’s end. Ideas include: Dare your coach to shave their head, take a polar plunge, or wear their most despised NFL team’s jersey for a full week.

10. Lend a helping hand 🏡

Let’s face it: Keeping up with household chores and yard work is a challenge for most families. Host a fundraising event where your raving fans can purchase 2-5 hours of extra help for a set amount of money. Fans can hire student athletes to rake leaves, repaint their garage, mow their lawn, clean rain gutters, or even run a car wash.

11. Host a costume or face painting contest 🎭

Want to dial up the hometown pride while raising funds for your team? For an extra $1 per ticket, invite students, parents, family members, and other adoring fans to paint their faces or come dressed up to the game. Each week, you can offer a special prize to the most decked-out fan (think a coupon or gift card to a local restaurant or free entry to the next game).

Take advantage of these fundraising ideas for sports with Givebutter

Football fundraising ideas: college girls cheering and dancing

High school athletics can bring hometowns together, elevate school pride, and give student athletes a sense of purpose. That being said, high school sports clubs and teams come with hefty costs attached.

Fortunately, a successful fundraiser can help offset those costs, alleviating the financial burden to parents and the school itself.

Plus, Givebutter has everything you need to pull off a sports team fundraising event your fans will love.

Givebutter is the all-in-one online fundraising platform with 130+ fundraising tools, a built-in CRM platform, and marketing automation. With Givebutter, you can sell unlimited ticket types, accept virtually any payment option, create your own fundraising page, and set a fundraising goal. And soon, you’ll even be able to host an online silent auction.

Ready to see how Givebutter can help you hit your fundraising goal and support your student athletes? Take a tour to get started.

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