Fundraising Ideas

Giving in bloom: 11 spring fundraising ideas we can’t stop thinking about

Winter’s over and it’s time to spring into giving! These spring fundraising ideas break the mold of typical events and will help you stand out this season.





Fundraising Ideas

Giving in bloom: 11 spring fundraising ideas we can’t stop thinking about

Winter’s over and it’s time to spring into giving! These spring fundraising ideas break the mold of typical events and will help you stand out this season.





Winter’s over and it’s time to spring into giving! These spring fundraising ideas break the mold of typical events and will help you stand out this season.





Rachel Mills
March 31, 2021
June 14, 2022

Oh, why hello spring — we've been waiting four very cold months for your arrival. And we've been cooking up a number of spring fundraising ideas for the season.

Springtime is a wonderful time to hit the fundraising trail.

With warmer weather, school coming to a close, and more disposable income than the holiday season, your springtime fundraising options are seemingly endless.

Below, we share our favorite spring fundraiser ideas to raise money for your local team, school, or worthy cause. From bake sales to car washes to March Madness brackets, these fundraisers are perfect for the upcoming months.

11 spring fundraising ideas to celebrate the season

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The sun's out, the trees are blooming, and the school year is just about over. Try to weave together one of these 11 spring fundraisers to raise funds this season.

1. Host a car wash 🚙

The snow, sleet, and mud are behind us — what better time to give those vehicles a spring cleaning?

Organize a car wash to raise money for your school, club, or good cause. Simply hit the local hardware store to collect water hoses, buckets, soap, and other necessities, then print some signs advertising the date and time of the fundraiser. And don't worry about handling cash payments — simply have each driver pay via Venmo when their vehicle is sparkling clean.

2. Do some spring cleaning with a garage sale 🏡

Want to spark a little joy this spring? Then get rid of all those clothes, books, and other household belongings collecting dust in your home, and donate the proceeds to a good cause.

Organize a community-wide garage sale to raise funds for a local nonprofit. Want to make things incredibly easy on your team of volunteers? Use the text-to-donate feature to make it incredibly easy for individuals to purchase items and prevent the hassle of counting exact change.

3. Sponsor a golf tournament 🏌

Flowers are blooming and leaves are returning to the trees. So don't you think it's time to hit the green?

Hosting a tournament at your local golf course is a wonderful way to raise funds. Plus, you can sell tickets at different price tiers, giving donors the option to select the package that works best for them. At this golf tournament fundraiser, donors could select from a single-player ticket, a team package, or a whole host of sponsorship packages and extras like buying a mulligan (an extra stroke). If someone wanted to give but found the $150 entry fee outside their budget, they could purchase drink tickets or simply type in a donation amount of their choosing.

4. Host a March Madness bracket 🏀

If you're a basketball fan, springtime means one thing: March Madness. For a fun online fundraising idea, create a bracket and donate buy-ins to a worthy cause.

This March Madness fundraiser successfully raised over $2,000 for the Leukemia Research Foundation (spoiler alert: The campaign was so successful they launched a second pool). Fundraiser organizers set an entry cost of $10 per bracket, or three brackets for $25. Once players donated, they sent out a link to ESPN's Tournament Challenge. It’s not too late to join the fun!

5. Throw a bake sale 🍪

Hosting a food fundraiser is a great opportunity to raise money for your community. So roll up your sleeves, put flour and sugar on this week's grocery list, and preheat the oven, because you have some treats to bake.

Another way to organize a bake sale is by partnering with local restaurants and bakeries. The Austin Food and Wine Alliance did just that, raising over $16,000 for local businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. The no-contact bake sale used the ticketing feature on Givebutter to create a custom menu, where each "ticket" was actually a baked good available for purchase.

Community businesses were able to profit during the pandemic, while community members enjoyed sweet treats baked locally.

6. Waltz in a fashion show 👚

Have you always imagined yourself strutting down the walkway? Well, why not strut your stuff while raising money for a nonprofit?

There are so many ways to raise money through a fashion show. Proceeds can come in the form of ticket sales, raffles, or even a silent auction. This college sorority managed to raise over $20,000 for breast cancer awareness. The sorority sisters organized a fashion show, then partook in a "Think Pink" week at their university, wearing their best pink looks across campus.

7. Make someone smile on Mother's Day 💐

One day out of 365 to recognize mothers as the superheroes they are will never be enough — so why not make this Mother’s Day extra special?

With Mother's Day just around the corner, you could plant flower bulbs or vegetables and sell the potted plants. Or, you could partner with a local nursery or community garden to make flower bouquets in exchange for a donation. Lastly, you could host a community event where mothers and their sons or daughters learn to make bouquets together, or make gardening kits available for pickup.

8. Clean up for Earth Day 🌏

Spring is the perfect time to give back to the community, cleaning up local parks, basketball courts, or riverfronts. To celebrate Earth Day and raise money for your local high school, daycare center, or elementary school, host a clean-up day.

To get you closer to your fundraising goal, consider organizing your fundraising campaign into a team fundraiser. Each volunteer who participates in the clean-up day can rally their friends to donate, sparking a little friendly competition through leaderboards, trackable links, and personalized pages.

10. Grab your shoes for a walk-a-thon 👟

With winter finally in your rearview mirror, it's time to get outside. Grab your walking shoes and host a walk-a-thon, raising money for a nonprofit organization.

This virtual event was able to surpass their $60,000 goal by over 10 grand by sponsoring “The Furry Scurry” walk for fur friends and humans alike. Event organizers took advantage of a fun promo video, peer fundraising, and various sponsorship tiers to garner excitement for their walk. Plus, friends and family members got to partake in a healthy activity by walking throughout their hometown.

11. Make spring break T-shirts 👕

Now that we're not bundled up under layers, it's time for a T-shirt sale.

A T-shirt sale is always a great fundraising strategy because there are limitless ways to raise money with a local small group, sports team, or school. You can create a T-shirt design contest, sell fun designs for spring break or an end-of-school-year bash, or sell at-home tie-dye kits for a fun night at home.

Spring forward with this fundraising platform

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Givebutter makes it incredibly simple to complete your spring fundraiser.

With creative campaign tools, ticket sales, numerous payment options, social media tools, and automated thank yous, running a fundraising campaign has never been easier. With over 70 features at your fingertips, you can create a gorgeous campaign in minutes.

Plus, Givebutter offers a number of solutions for schools, teams, companies, and nonprofits, so you can easily raise funds and build awareness. Green City Market used Givebutter to raise over $22k to support family farmers, and Mia's Miracle Foundation sponsored an extended walk-a-thon to raise over $80k.

Ready to launch your own campaign? Create your free Givebutter account now to start collecting donations.

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Rachel Mills

Rachel Mills

Givebutter Marketing & Contributing Writer

Rachel is a fundraising and marketing consultant for nonprofits whose aspiration since she was 16-years-old is simply this: help others, help others.

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